Faupette Spill Protect

Improve Your HACCP/GMP Plan

Eliminate a Critical Control Point With Kowabunga’s Faupette™

KB367 – Kowabunga’s Faupette™ allows you to pour directly from drums and pails into bottles. No intermediate container such as a cup or flask is necessary. Kowabunga’s Faupette™ easily screws on to our KB520 – 3/4″ faucet. Eliminate a time consuming and messy step in the pouring of your bottles. The Faupette™ eliminates the need for the pipette method of filling bottles. Also eliminated is the “drop the bottle in the barrel” method of sampling.

KB367 Faupette connected to our KB520 – 34″ faucet.

KB367 Faupette™ connected to our KB520 – 3/4″ faucet. Pour directly from any size drum into a bottle.

KB367 Faupette using KB372

KB367 Faupette™ connected to our KB520 – 3/4″ faucet. Using our KB372 pail adapter you can pour directly from any size pail into a bottle.

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