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Cookie Policy

Kowabunga LLC® (“KLLC”) respects your privacy rights and has developed this Cookie Policy to allow you to understand and protect your privacy rights. By continuing your use of our website, you agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions of this Cookie Policy.

Information Collected
Our web servers may automatically collect and record other information about your visit to our website (through the use of cookies and other means) as part of our analysis of the use of our website, its structure, its performance, and attempts to improve its performance. For example, whenever a page is requested from our web server, we may record the time, date and URL of the request, along with information about the browser or type of equipment being used (desktop, tablet, mobile device), the geographic location, and general demographic information. This data is not used to personally identify you, but is aggregated to enable us to become more familiar with where visits to our website originate, how often our website is visited, the platforms being used, and what parts of our website are visited most often.

We may provide your personally identifiable information to outside companies for the purpose of conducting customer or market research on our behalf in order to improve our products and services.

Tracking & Analysis Software
In addition, we use third-party vendor software or systems such as Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Bing, and other companies for purposes of advertising, tracking responses, improving sales, improving advertising effectiveness, and other processes to improve the operation of the KLLC Website and its associated sales processes. The implementation of these elements and software processes DOES include and involve the use of Cookies and similar tracking methodologies inserted on your computer and/or browsers on your computers, tablets, and/or phones. Again, this does NOT record or transmit your personal identification, merely usage facts and figures to be aggregated and analyzed to improve the process for both your benefit and website operators such as KLLC.

We will, however, not sell your information to any third party that does not advertise on the KLLC website. You have the option of “opting-out” of such use of your information by contacting us as indicated below. We will release information about you if we believe that we are required by law to do so.

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